9800GT Green Edition vs. Motherboard

Hi all,

Recently, my 8800GTX card died and I was stunned when I opened up my computer to see that the cheap guys at Dell had provided me with an under-powered PSU :cry:

Anyway, I've now purchased a 9800GT 1GB (ECS Green Edition) and a Zalman 600w PSU.
I've installed everything and the computer appears to be working fine, but I'm a bit worried about the way the 9800GT Green Edition works - It doesn't plug directly into the PSU, rather it draws power from the motherboard.

My motherboard is 2 years old. It came with my Dell computer and it has worked fine for those two years.

Do I need to worry about my motherboard supplying the 9800GT with enough power, or is it all dependent on my PSU?
All of my games appear to be working fine.

Any advice would be much appreciated!

Here are some of my specs:
Intel Core 2 Quad Processor Q6600 (2.4GHz)
Windows XP SP3
9800GT 1GB Green Edition
Zalman 600W PSU

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    The 9800GT green edition is a heavily toned down and underclocked 9800GT. It doesn't require any PCIe connectors since it doesn't need them. Your motherboard will provide enough juice.

    The 9800GT GE performs about 20% weaker than the standard 9800GT, or about roughly equal to a 9600GT.

    The 8800GTX is a power hungry card card based on energy inefficient older architechture, and consumes far more power than 9800GT, 9800GT GE, and even the 9800GTX. If your PSU could run a 8800GTX, it would have no problems running anything up to a 9800GTX.

    Nonetheless, your Zalman 600w PSU is a very good quality PSU, and you can easily run any single GPU card in existence, or even some dual-GPU configurations.
  2. The general consensus is Dell typically understates the available watts on their power supplies. I'm not saying that a 300W Dell PSU is actually a 400W PSU, but probably capable of another 40w - 50w.

    This is based on what other have stated over several years.
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  4. Great!
    Thanks for the quick replies, this puts my mind at ease!
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