[ asus p5q realtek audio ] line-in recording distortions in audio.

Hello friends,


I updated my bios and installed the latest Realtek audio sound drivers from asus.com.

I still have the files.

**SPECS overview

Asus p5q
Intel core 2 duo
Corsair 2GB DDR2 SDRAM
Intel ssd 40gig + Sata 160gig
8800 GTS

I have Direct X9
Windows XP service Pack 3
Realtek on-board audio HD.


I am using on-board audio, and I have an audio source (a DJ mixer with good sound, tested and it works) that plugs in to the line-in blue jack. (I've tried the mic jack also and the ones on the front panel, all give the same effect)

the sound is audible, but its muffled and distorted. its volume level varies based on the other audio sources that are being played in windows, IE: a youtube video or winamp. volume spikes and raises when other audio sources play. ( leads to suspect audio driver or OS issue )

so basicall; my line-in audio quality is dependent on whatever other audio source is playing in the stereo mix, IE Winamp, WMP 11, or anything that I can hear. It goes up when I play something, and diminishes to a faint murmur the moment I stop.


I just want my line-in source to play clearly in the windows environment, so I can record it with audacity.
If I cant fix this I'll have to buy a sound card,

please help, I'm trying to record a mix-tape :bounce:

(email: toussant@gmail.com)
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  1. help me friends... :(

    this is a tough one.. i can record audio of my stereo mix to give and example.
  2. I found out that there are problems with Realtek audio HD driver and windows service pack3

    I found a patch for this. but ultimately the result is the same.

    line-in volume levels are too low, and they spike when I play other audio.

    I hate to have to keep dealing with low audio levels forever, but at the same time buying windows 7 or a new sound card shouldn't be the only option.
  3. couldnt conquer windows XP driver issues.

    switched my RCA to 3.5mm adapter cable; from MONO to STEREO.

    Installed windows 7.


    everything sounds great ^____^.
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