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I'm looking to buy a new graphics card to replace the 9400 GT I have, which is not quite cutting it. I want to game at 1680 x 1050, with an Intel e8400 and 500w Antec Earthwatts.

I have been looking at the likes of a 9800 gtx, ATI 4850, 250 GTS, and so on, but the thing that confuses me is how viable the cards will be next month, when new nVidia cards are coming out, as well as new games requiring better and better video cards. So the question is how future proof are the choices I selected? Is it likely that the 9800 gtx, which is currently winning the purchase debate, will continue to be supported by nVidia? Or would it be wiser to wait and see what cards will come out?

As always, thanks a lot guys!
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  1. yeah gpu market is always like that so dont get worried "new expensive gpu" then
    "better value and same performance gpu" its always a matter of seek and choose best bang 4 buck .
    here is a useful help just in case:,2521.html
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