HP pavillion dv5t stops unexpectedly

Hello everyone. I have 1yr+ old Dv5T running on Win7 64-bit OS. It has 4GB RAM, 250GB hitachi HDD, Nvidia 512mb VGA, Core2Duo 2.53Ghz T9400 CPU. Recently it stopped working as it should. ( it always gets too hot during youtube, during game-mode)

While ago, I downloaded some torrent where it had viruses(however I cleaned them) and after that everything started If I remember everything as it is.

While watching youtube, it stopped running..no mouse movements, screen was still on the last frame, no control+alt+del or anything else..I had to force shutdown the notebook.

Then I started it again where I didn't show anything on the screen at all..No POST or rest - only black screen. After couple of tries later, I could open it again. I tried to run antivirus software and it suddenly stopped working again. Again couple of tries to run it... Weren't able to do something with that anymore.. I tried to check HDD using HDD enclosure on different PC. It passed bad sector test(found1, repaired1), I ran a virus test on it(found5,cleared,disinfected5), I tried manual chkdsk command and it passed it too... I defragmented it, and put it back.

I face the problem again...

I ran self-test on notebook.: RAM test passed, HDD quick test - stopped on this one again. I ran CPU stress test - after some iterations black screen was coming and again I had to force shutdown. (I ran self-test from BIOS screen.)

What else should I check and how? What do you think about my problem?
Motherboard? CPU? VGA? Something else?? :S Thanks for your help beforehand!
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  1. I would look into a notebook cooling solution. Newegg has several you can compare for effectiveness and comfort. They fit under the laptop.
  2. Heat is probably causing your issues. The notebook cooler or cpu heatsink can be upgraded. This won't cost too much. Or you may simply need to clean the cpu heatsink. I use a canned air product with quick evaporating solvent at least once a year. They cost less than $5 at Frys electronics.
  3. Here's me again. After considering all other options I bought used motherboard and it worked.

    Now after a year or over later, I wanted to clean the fan yesterday, and then put everything back and it didnt start at all.. After 1 by 1 plug-in/out session, I finally found out that, if i plug touchpad flex cable in, laptop does not start. And assembled everything without that touchpad flexcable. Now, it seems to be working. However, touch volume control, mute, quickPlay does not do anything at all...And sometimes I need to press turn on button 3 times or so.

    Any ideas? :pfff:
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