Corsair H80 in Haf X

recently my stock fan for the i5 3570k broke. I need a new cooler so ive been looking into the h80. Although i won't be doing any overclocking, its worth it if there is nothing better. The only problem is that i dont know how to fit it in the haf x while still having good airflow. All the fans are currently stock. Would it be good to mount the cooler on the back 140mm fan as intake and add another 200mm fan at the top as exhaust? i want to hear some other people's opinions. Also, is it even worth it to buy the h80 or is there a better air cooler?

thanks in advance
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  1. Well as an owner of an Antec Kuhler 620 I can tell you that the radiator does in fact mess up airflow if you try to achieve the best possible temperatures for your CPU. The coolest method is to install your fans as intakes for the radiator but that means you blow in warm air into the rest of your build. Anyways that being said I would recommend an air cooler over the H80. One that I have in mind is the Hyper 212 which performs almost as good as the H80 but at a fraction of the price. Anyways if you really want a cooler the outperforms the H80 and costs about the same consider then consider the Noctua DH-14 which is about the same price:
    ^ its pretty ugly though if colour matters to you

    A similar cooler that is just as good and looks better is the Phanteks PH-TC14PE
    There are several other colours for that cooler so you may want to check it out.
  2. I have had a H-50 in a haf x at once time replaced it after 2 days with the Noctua nh-d14. I used 3000+ rpm 150+ cfm fans in push pull on the H-50 on a 4.2 gig i7-950. It was just too hot on the h-50. The notctua also lowered my video card temps my about 5-10 degrees for total lower case heat.

    I would also point out that that system now uses a xspc-Raystorm-razor water cooling loop.
  3. the hyper 212 evo seems to be pretty good, especially if you want something thats easy on your wallet and still performs well. Maybe get something like that until you can afford a real water cooling loop that cools everything in your system.

    If you must absolutely overclock to the max, the noctua nh-d14 isn't going to get you as high as an actual water cooling system, but it lets you overclock pretty darn good (although its quite ugly, big and expensive for an air cooler lol).
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