Overclocking i3 2120

Hi Ive had my PC for a while now But a few days ago i Installed the XigmaTek Dark Knight - Night Hawk Edition SD128.
Im using the ASUS P8H61-MX mother board
4GB RAM and intel graphics card.
I use CPUID Hardware monitor to check temperature etc and its always around the 30 mark. Take a look
All that im wondering is , Would it be possible to overclock my CPU from 3.3ghz to around 4ghz or around that mark, Without frying everything.

Thanks For Replieng in advance
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  1. Hi there I believe you can't really overclock with that setup because you have a H61 board which does not allow overclocking and your CPU is not of the K series.

    Edit: Next time if you want to overclock settle for a Z77 chipset and a K series processor which allow excellent overclocking capabilities. You could always re-use the cooler for another build.
  2. Pk thanks for the reply. Just a quick question. Is the Temperature of the CPU ok ?
    and also would the cpu be ok for gaming because im planning on installing 16gb RAM and a decent graphics card from around £100
  3. For gaming you don't need no more than 8 gb of ram. Try getting 1600mhz for the ram and get 2x4gb sticks to get dual channel. Anyways is that at load or idle? Anyways there seems to be a bit of a problem with the CPU temperature and the core temperatures. Use realtemp to check the temperatures and post it up here again:
  4. Hi heres a screenshot from realtemp

    Im new to this stuff so could you tell me what you mean by Load Or Idle ?
    And also is there any notifications that appear that you have replied to me oinstead of me just waiting on tis sceen for a reply ?
  5. Ok those realtemp temperatures indicate that your CPU is doing fine. Anyways load means when your doing something that uses a real good portion of the CPU such can be gaming or converting a movie. Idle means you are doing nothing such can be leaving the computer on the desktop with nothing really running in the background.
  6. When Idle My temperature is from 21 to 23 :) Thank you so much
  7. So is there anything else you need? Anyways try running prime 95 and let me now the temperatures with that, prime 95 will stress out your CPU a lot so you will get much higher temperatures than idle.

  8. I will stress test my cpu now , should i keep real temp open to monitor the temp incase it gets too high so i can stop the test? if so how high will i let it reach ?
  9. I would say turn the test off when it reaches 70 degrees. I doubt with that cooler you will need to turn it off, give it an hour for the test.
  10. I Did the test and the highest temperature it reached was 46 degress, Is this good ?
  11. Those are some FANtastic temperatures :lol: . Seriously though those are really good temperatures for that CPU.
  12. Haha Yeahyeah :D
  13. Im getting second monitor around christmas for free as a family member is gettin a bigger tv. They are both same size would i need to buy a certain model of graphics card ?
  14. You should be able to run 2 monitors off of the HD 3000, just make sure you have the right video connections.
  15. +1^ just like amuffin said you can run two monitors.
  16. im planning on gaming With my pc and i have budget of under £100
  17. Well for gaming I always recommend discrete video cards. What kind of resolutions are we playing at? Also you want to turn on all the eye candy to the max or is medium-high okay?
  18. medium to high. Hopefully higher than console graphics, Depending on how much i enjoy gaming on a pc im not planning on gaming on it as much as i do on console
  19. Is a HD 7950 out of your budget? I know for a fact it does well in dual monitor gaming.
  20. yeah defanitly its over £200
    As i said im not planning on heavy gaming
    i just want an average pc
  21. Well how about the HD 7850?
  22. is there no decent card for around the 100 mark ? because i still have to purchase 16gigs of Ram :$
  23. Well if we are not going to do any rendering, photoshop or any of those fancy stuff you don't technically need 16gb of ram, 8gb will be more than enough. Anyways give me a while to find you a card, this is 100 pounds?
  24. yes it is .. And YES! i play cod and upload videos so i always need to render videos (:
    Thanks for helping me out a lot. how can i give you poits or some sort
  25. No need for points, just wanting to help you out of my own will. I believe in helping people now to receive help later, kind of like karma :lol:
  26. Oh ok, Theres no rush to find a good one for that price i probably wont get it til after christmas with moeny from presesnts
  27. Hmm if you can find a GTX 560 TI on sale, I know that's one beastly video card and I do remember it going on sale a few times for around 160 usd which is roughly around 100 pounds. Anyways if you can't find that then the GTX 650 ti will do. If you are willing to increase the budget let me know especially with Christmas money but that's still a long way :lol:
  28. Ok thanks a lot. Is ther much difference in both?
  29. Wait I just erased my entire post, thought this was another thread :lol: give me some time to re-read this thread and understand what your asking for.

    Edit: The GTX 560 ti is faster by a small margin compared to the GTX 650 ti. Take a look at the link below:
  30. Haha ok
  31. will every graphics card fit every motherboard slot ?
  32. In what way do you mean Backwards :$ ?
    you mean like they fit but the ports would be insidet he course
  33. No by backwards compatible I mean like PCI-E 3.0 cards work with PCI-E 2.0 slots.
  34. what is your opinion on this card
    ASUS 2GB AMD Radeon HD 6670 Graphics Card DDR3 PCI-E x16
  35. Yeppers it will work, however if you are looking to go downwards to that card then might I suggest the HD 7770? It's a bit more money but much better:

    Anyways with the HD 7770 and the Phenom II X4 955 Black edition I max out almost all games with the resolution of 1600 x 900 and this is a single monitor. I am not too sure how it will fare with higher resolutions and dual monitors but be prepared to expect lower FPS.
  36. i think i may buy this
    Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 7770 Graphics Card, 1GB GDDR5. HDMI, DVI-I, Display Port

    Also could you tell me what the four slots on my motherboard are for ?
    And the blue square
  37. Well the longest blue square is known as the PCI-E 2.0 slot for you, you insert the video card there. The other slots are for other peripherals such as wireless network adapters and sound cards. You also need to specify where the blue square is, if its the 4 pin one near the socket then that's called the 4 pin connector where the CPU gets its power from.

    Edit: forgot to name the other connectors, the two small boxes are likely called PCI-E x1 conncetors, the last slot looks like the traditional PCI connector
  38. im talking about the square that says asus on it.. also what is your opinion on the card i mention above
  39. Oh...I believe that is the motherboard chipset. It's got a square shaped heatsink on it to take away heat.
  40. :D Cooool
  41. Anything else......? Or am I free to go :lol:
  42. Not sure what is in the gap, it shows up blank for me. Anyways for the HD 7770 I am 99% sure it wont work without a power supply upgrade.
  43. what do you think of this card ?

    Sell one like this

    Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 7770 Graphics Card

    also my power supply is 300w is this ok for what im planning on adding
  44. so the hd 7770 wont work with my power supply :(
  45. No, chances are you don't have a PCI-E connector on the power supply itself. You start to see that on 350 watts and above.
  46. oh ok :( So how much would a good power supply be
  47. I would say 400 watts is a nice place, if you want the exact specs list your entire build and I can give you a general estimation.
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