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Having a problem with a brand new WD caviar 2TB HD.

Copied about 1TB of data to it but now its giving me an I/O Error which is preventing me from copying data off successfully. Im pretty sure the drive is corrupted. Asks me to scan each time I connect it but even after scandisc for 72 hours and successful completion. I still get asked to scan again on next reconnect. I am able to get some of the files off, but its hit or miss and takes literally 30 mins for a single file, image, mp3 etc and errors frequently wasting the time and giving me nothing.

I can still access the drive and the files so I know its not totally gone, at least not yet.

What I need to know is...

What programs are available retail that would let me pull the files off ? and where can I find them? is there a forum on another board someone coudl recommend where I might find skilled assistance?

I really don't want to send the drive to be recovered cause thats so expensive for them to just plug it in and then basically do what I can do at home.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be most welcome
thanks in advance
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    Download the data lifeguard tool from WD. Run that and see what that tells you.... I am guessing you have a encloser what type?
  2. My enclosure is made by vantec, what kinda information am I looking for from the hardware tool? The cause of the fault?
  3. if there is a fault you should return the drive. I am guessing that there is a fault.
  4. Google HDD data recovery software. There's tons of it.
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