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I'm about to buy dual 2048x1152 monitors (Samsung SM2343NW). This could be a stupid question, but with that amount of screen space, do I have to begin to consider the performance of my graphics card? Obviously I understand that should I want to run Modern Warfare 2 at 2048x1152, I would need to consider graphics capability, but beyond that, might I start to notice a performance decrease from normal desktop application use?

Here is my current system:

1280x1024 VGA monitor.
1600x1200 VGA monitor, connected with a DVI to VGA adapter.
Radeon X1550
Q6700 @ 2.66 Ghz
2 Gig DDR2 @ 800 Mhz
1.3 TB of HDDs

I like to play games a bit, but I'm not what you'd think of as a hardcore gamer. That system handled MW2 okay, on pretty low settings, but I'd have liked it to be nicer.

Along with my monitors, I'm going to buy either a GT220 (which is about all I can afford), or 4 Gigs of 1066 RAM. I'm just not sure which. The one that gets left out will bought a few months latter anyway, and I'm pretty sure this is a silly question, but will I notice a performance drop from the X1550 now rendering the extra desktop pixels? I'd rather buy the RAM for now, but I'll get the video card first if that has to happen.

A question about the monitors: do they seem okay? Here they are:

I make music with DAWs, which require a lot of screen space, and also edit video, which, again, is screen hungry. They're pretty cheap, only £140 each (roughly $230), and they're one of only two available 2048x1152 screens on Ebuyer. I think they're so cheap because they're VGA only. From what I've read, I doubt I care all that much about not having HDMI screens (though admitely, I'm still a little hazy about the differences), but is that reasonably future proof? I'm aiming to have these screens a whole lot longer than the graphics card - the next few years at least - am I likely to see a new graphics output technology come along in the next few years, which I won't be able to convert to VGA, or anything like that? Is they're some catch with them that I haven't noticed?

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  1. Having two screens wont hurt your 2D desktop performance and apps, but if you run a game with your second screen running you might see a very small drop in FPS, nothing bad. To be on the safe side you could get the monitor and try it out before you buy your 220GT or 4GB of RAM to see if there is a performance drop/lag in your 2D apps, but I doubt it.

    If you are content with your first Samsung SM2343NW then I see no reason to not get a second one. Only thing I can see is that is a TFT monitor and not an LCD, which most are nowadays. Id personally go crazy if I had to look at two different screens all day.

    Having only VGA should not be a problem ATI seems to be pushing its DisplayPort output but I’m sure when the next generation comes out (little less than a year?) it will still have some DVI or HDMI outputs for you to use your old converters. If not then they have DP to VGA converters so no worries.

    As for the differences between VGA and HDMI/DVI, many say they can see a crisper image with DVI and HDMI (Digital) while other cant or don’t care. Since you don’t have it you won’t miss it.
  2. Yeah, I wanted to get everything at once to save on delivery, but ebuyer does free postage over £50, which all items are individually anyway, so I'll probably just get the 2 monitors, and wait a week before choosing between RAM and graphics.

    When you say it's a "TFT and not an LCD" do you mean it's a TFT-LCD and not some other kind of LCD? I'm pretty sure this is an LCD monitor:

  3. I think I got my LCD and TFT mixed up, anyway your Ebuyer link says it’s a TFT while your Samsung link says it’s an LCD. But if it’s an LCD-TFT that is the best/newest tech it could be. Suppose I’m trying to judge the quality a bit by what screen technology they are using (old vs new).
  4. TFT = Thin Film Transistor, All LCDs Are TFT, But Not All TFTs Are Necessarily LCDs (OLEDs Are TFTs Too)
  5. A TFT LCD is not the best you can get.

    I'm not sure much of any of this is a good idea. You talk about gaming, but gaming at 2048x1162 with a GT 220? That card is good for 1440x900, not 2000+. You also mention getting these monitors to last for many years, but they only have ancient VGA connetions and thats it? Not even DVI? Do you really want to spend all that money on outdated tech?

    Seeing as you have the money and two monitors already, this is what I'd do. Buy one large good monitor now, and a much better GPU. GTS250 is what you'd want minimum. (4850/5750 for AMD.) Use the new card, new monitor, and your 16x12 monitor. And remember, I said a good large monitor, not the one linked.
  6. I just bought a samsung 32" Tv for a monitor yesterday, I couldn't be happier.
  7. The reason why the OP want two screens is so he can get the extra screen space to run his music and video editing programs, getting one big screen wont double his desktop space like two screens.
  8. Id Kill (Not Litteraly) For A Dell 2710,

    Id Replace My 19" Secondary With My 20" Dell 2001FP And Sell My 19" And Be Very Happy

    Hell Yeah, Two S-IPS Panels!
  9. Yeah, the gaming is really a secondary concern. I need a certain set of hardware for my AV editing, which mainly requires dealing with horizontally oriented timelines, and playlists, so the wider the better. I do like to play games for a break from the actually work, but not so much so that I'll be investing in cutting edge graphics adapters.

    You say VGA is outdated - and that's of course true - but I only care about that if it actually effects anything. I've been fairly well convinced that I don't care about the quality of DVI over VGA (though haven't actually experienced it), so the only factor is future proofing. If I don't have to upgrade these screens for at least 3 years (barring malfunctions), I'll be content, but I'll certainly be upgrading other components - almost certainly graphics cards - more than once during that time, I'm pretty sure. All I care about is that de facto standards don't move to a point where VGA can no longer be catered for through adapters.

    Obviously I won't be gaming at these high res's. 1024ish is good enough for me.
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