Computer doesnt turn on!!

i have a weird problem-it started a few days ago my computer turned on by itself in the middle of the night -for a few days ... and idea what can lead to this?
so i turned the switch off in my power supply so it wouldnt turn on again
then a few days ago my computer suddenly didnt turn on at all
so i took out the cord from the electricity put it on again after a few minutes and then it worked again
but today my computer doesnt turn on again! -i tried to take the power off and then on but it still doesnt work
i see a light in my mb and i see the numbers 0.0. (i have an ip35 pro motherboard)
i checekd the abit site and the code means "ready to boot"

what do i do ???? plz helpppp
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  1. Your full system specs please.
  2. intel s775 2.33 e6550 cpu
    abit ip35 pro mb
    gts8600 512mb
    wd 320gb sata2 16mb
    liteon burner
    corsair 1024X2 800ghz
    nzxt lexacase
    enermax liberty 400w
    tunic cpu cooler
    win xp

    i had this computer more than 3 years -with no problems till now
  3. From the sounds of it, I would guess the psu is having issues.
  4. PSU or Motherboard.... I would test by using a different PSU with more power that you know works. Next I would check to make sure nothing is broken on the board.
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