Cheap sata dvd player?

Does anyone know of a dvd drive which will fit into my Sharkoon T9 ATX case and uses a SATA and 4 pin power supply? I will be using the DVD DRIVE to install games and boot windows 7 OS, currently im using Ubuntu but i want to switch to Windows 7 and I am going to format my HDD and then install W7 so my question is does anyone know of a cheap SATA dvd drive that will meet my requirements?

I would nprefer it to be on amazon or of the sort

Thanks all:)
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  1. If you just need it to install an OS from, then you can create a bootable USB stick if you happen to have one lying around. You'll need another computer with a DVD drive to do it, but it might be a free option if that's all you want it for and happen to have a big enough USB stick.

    That said, most SATA devices won't accept a molex power connector (that's the 4 pin power connector). I'd recommend browsing Newegg's internal SATA DVD drives and glancing at the pictures of the back of each drive. If you can find one, I wouldn't expect it to be more than $15-$20.
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