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So I was playing around with the timings on my ram, started prime 95 and got a BSOD. Computer reset and now wont post, mouse and keyboard are not getting any power either. Just built the system about a week ago. I tried resetting the cmos, and using only one stick of ram at a time but still nothing. Any ideas (motherboard dead, power supply, ram?)
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  1. No idea since you didn't give us any idea on the rig you have.

    Also have you overclocked the PC?
  2. amd phenom ii x4 955
    Zalman cooler
    gigabyte 890xa-ud3
    gskill ddr3 1600
    8800 gts 640 soft modded into quadro 4600
    ocz fatality 550watt

    cpu was slighty overclocked to 3.5 @1.37 volts
  3. Could be a case of bad overclock. Try different RAM's if you can lay your hand on some from your friends.

    Also try this process to pin point the issue.

    Also do Breadboarding from our very own member jsc:
  4. I wasnt getting any beeps out of the speakers but tried putting in the small speaker on the motherboard and was getting short continuous beeps, i looked it up in the manual and it said that it was a power issue. Shouldn't a 550 watt be good enough? I used the power supply calculator and it said 450 watt.
  5. Yes 550W should be enough for your rig. But it maybe that yours wasn't meant to last. Just plain hard luck. PSU's damages are quite risky. When they go down, they bring down the house with them!!

    But do the breadboading and see what comes out.
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    You may have corrupted your CMOS memory, move the CMOS memory clear jumper with the power disconnected (not just turned off). It is common to have to clear the CMOS after a failed overclocking attempt.
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