Which sound card? Claro Halo or Forte?

Trying to decide between two different sound cards for my high end build. Any insight would be appreciated.

HT | Omega Claro Halo

Auzentech Forte

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  1. Hi.

    Why do you need a sound card?, the onboard sound that comes with the mobos today is aver good and have high quality in sound and performance.
  2. Onboard is better, but still can't compete with a soundcard. Nevermind the total lack of onboard sound for 5.1 digital encoding, or virtualization techs (Dolby Virtual Speaker, etc).

    The Halo is a bit overkill, although it does compete with the Auzentech Forte and ASUS Essence STX. The Halo doesn't offer anything unique though, where Auzentech has full X-fi (for what its worth), and ASUS offers EAX 5 emulation.
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