Texts and HUDs are too big in games.

Hello everyone. First I want to apologise for my english, I am from Slovakia.
So, i have upgraded my monitor from 17" CRT to 21.5" LCD and there is the difference between the size of subtitles and HUDs in many games like Mass Effect 1,2, Skyrim.The strange think is that it isn't that bad in Mass Effect 3 or Mafia 2. I am playing at native resolution of that monitor. It is 1920x1080. When I set the ratio to 4:3 it is much better but of course it is very bad for widescreen monitor. I think it can be an issue with Windows XP. My question is: will it be at normal size if I upgrade to Windows 7? Thanks
My computer is Intel Pentium Dual-Core e5700 3GHz,,Gigabyte GTX660,,4GB RAM and Windows XP SP3 32-bit.
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  1. If you can play at the native resolution, then the problem is likely the difference in the way those games support wide-screen formats.
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