Acer Aspire D255 netbook reads "A disk read error ocurred" Nothing is working..

All of the sudden last night my netbook is acting up so I cut it off and now it want start up. The screen comes on with the acer logo then go to "A disk read error occurred. press ctrl+alt+del to restart. nothing has been hlphing at all. I am not that computer savvy, so if someone can help me I would really appreciate it.
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  1. Not very much information given.

    Not to sound condescending, but if you aren't that computer savvy, you should take it to someone who is, take advantage of your warranty, take it to a repair shop, or buy a new one.

    That being said, step one for you should be to take advantage of the warranty if you can. Usually you should have at least a 1yr warranty on a new product.

    If that's not an option, the easiest thing to do would be to try to repair the installation, or reformat if that doesn't work. If that doesn't help, or the BIOS doesn't even post, you're probably looking at a hardware problem. If that's the case, then your journey probably ends there, since I am assuming you wouldn't know how to repair/replace the hardware in your netbook. You could pay an arm and a leg to get it "repaired", or decide that its kind of old anyways and you want a new one.

    tl;dr: If you don't know what you're doing and can't figure it out on your own by googling it etc., you should take advantage of your warranty, take it to a repair shop, or get a new one.
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