Can I daisy chain RAID1 off a single sata3 port?

I have a Asus P8Z68-V LE Motherboard, and it only has 2 sata3 ports. One of them is currently being used by my SSD, but I would like to also have a large (2TB at least) Raid1 (mirrored) array as well. I noticed that some of the newer hds support sata3/6gbs (are they really 2x as fast as old hds?), so I was wondering if I could daisy chain the two drives off my one remaining sata3 port. Will I experience any performance penalty by doing this? Will it still run at 6gbs?

Or do I need to buy 3gbs drives and use the old sata2 ports (I have 3 of those available).

Thanks for any help!

*ps lemme know if you are aware of any good deals on 2TB drives, they are still crazy overpriced :(
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  1. No, you can't raid off a single port. Realistically though, spinning HDD's don't really get noticable gains from sata6 ports, they are just too slow. Just RAID them on the existing SATA 3gb/s ports for pretty much the same exact performance. SSD's are the only drives that have big gains from SATA 6gb/s ports.
  2. Hmm well maybe Raid1 isn't even the right option for me anyway. I really just want a solid backup solution (Raid1 protects against failure but not much else.) The thing I like about raid1 is how easy it is to keep running when a drive fails. Is there a backup solution/software that will save me from data loss, and make it easy to keep running if one drive fails (again I always like being able to boot right from my other raid1 disk, while I wait for a new disk to come in the mail).
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