Can't seem to uninstall CCC drivers

Hey, I just got 3 5870s, Trying to use 2 right now, but It won't install the newest drivers. I get something to the affect of "CCC isn't supported by your GPU". When I go to install the newest 10.1 CCC, it won't install, I think it has to be something with the old drivers not fully uninstalling. I uninstalled through windows, rebooted in Safe mode, and rant DRiver cleaner, still nothing (and the CCC thing is still in the right click menu on the desktop, so obviously not all gone).
Any ideas would be appreciate. Thanks
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  1. Can you still see any ATI drivers in Add or Remove Programs? Should be called ATI Catalyst Install Manager, then just express remove all ATI related drivers there.

    Maybe try the older 9.12 drivers.
  2. no, they're not in there. Trying to find a download for the 9.12 drivers now
  3. Procedure to clean install a new driver:

    1) Download driversweeper to your desktop, or wherever you can find it easily.

    2) Download your new driver to the same place.
    3) Add/remove programs, uninstall any Nvidia or ATI vga drivers and programs.
    4) Boot into safe mode. Press F8 repeatedly while booting to enter safe mode. Your display resolution may be minimal.
    5) Run driversweeper. Check the selection boxes for the removal of all nvidia vga drivers and ati drivers.
    6) Rerun driversweeper. All such components should be gone.
    7) Install the new driver from the desktop or saved location.
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