Help Ocing phenom 965

hi i'm looking for some1 to come on skype to talk to me about it thanks.
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  1. Asking to skype IMHO is blasphamy on TH...I suggest you ask a perdinent question in regards to your problem...I have all of the information you need...I can get you fixed right to where you need to be with ease from this thread...just post your system specs and what your goal is...I promise you will get your answer promptly....
  2. MB gigabyte GA-970A-DS3
    CPU Phenom II X4 965 deneb Revision RB-C3
    RAM 8GB Mushkin Enhanced BlackLine Frostbyte 9-9-9-24 and i put it to 2T
    Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO Quiet CPU Cooler

    i took note of the CPU's voltage before the OC and it was 1.2 when i increase the multiplier by .5 and i check the Voltage it is 1.392 and occasionally jumps to 1.404 for a second and im not sure if thats as the AMD website says the limit is 1.4 volts

    My aim is to get it to atleast 3.8ghz
  3. i have now increased the multiplier to 18 and increased the voltage to 1.4 but on CPU-Z its goes up to 1.475 when i do the prime95 to stress test it for 20 minutes is this ok?
  4. Yeah you look to be going in the right direction...go x19 @ 1.44v
  5. should i be increasing any other voltages other than core voltage?
  6. no just the vcore...You could probably get 4.0 GHz out of it at around 1.475v...just a suggestion...max safe voltage for me on the denebs is 1.55v just keep heat in check....
  7. Just set your multi to x20 and leave the voltage on auto...boot up ....check the vcore that auto sets it to with a program like CPU-Z..make note of it...Go back into BIOS set the vcore to a couple of steps down i.e. using the + and - keys...reboot.... test stability with prime95 for an hour or two...if it doesn't give errors within two hour your good to go...if it gives errors stop immediately ...reboot..go into BIOS..bump the vcore up one increment ...reboot test your temps as well...just my two cents on it..You can follow the same routine to get to 3.8 GHz just set the multi. to x19
  8. langley8 said:
    should i be increasing any other voltages other than core voltage?

    It's less important than the actual cpu clock and voltage, but kicking the nb/cpu voltage up by .1v or less (for stock nb clock speed) can help with stability if you hit a wall. You should be able to get around 4ghz without needing to tweak anything but cpu multiplier/voltage. The next step I you were to choose would be to attempt to get the nb clock to around 2600mhz without exceeding 1.25v or overheating the processor.

    Also, I am not familiar with the bios options that gigabyte offers, but turning off cpu options like cool n quiet is a good idea when tuning. It will remove some of the intentional voltage adjustments by the system, and you can always decide for yourself if its worth turning back on after you are dialed in with good specs.
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