4850 flash went wrong, went VERY WRONG!

I just used RBE to get the max limit of CCC from 700/1000 to 800/1000.
and I restarted then it tells me after I restarted that the driver is corrupt or not installed. I installed 10.1 with no result.
I used driver sweeper to clean it and restarted, and now Im installing 10.1 yet again.
does it mean im f**ked?

Ill restart it and see what happens, wish me luck.!

I just restarted and when I try to open CCC, it tells me .cli was not found.

and GPU-Z tells me this

device manager is giving me error Code 43!


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  1. You are going to have to flash it back to the original image. If you don't have the original image, then you need to find at least a comparable one. If not, you're just SOL :D.
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