GTX 670 drivers holding me back?

OK, so I am only able to up my core clock by 65 before my drivers crash, I have not experience any artifacts or anything just my drivers crashing. I see people are doing a lot better and I was wondering if maybe my card is just a dud or what

HAF 912
850W corsair enthusiast series
GTX 670 MSI lighting edition(+65/+500)
Gigabyte GA-970a-UD3
2x4GB 1333mhz
DVD Driver
Regular drive
Caviar Black 1TB

I am using 304.48 BETA
Please help,
Thank you in advance! :D
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  1. You may have just hit the crackpot with a card that can't overclock much higher than that. Not sure what kind of cooling you have in your case but that could be a factor too? Also make sure your power limit is pushed as far as it can go (or as far as you're comfortable with putting it). Also, your mobo could be holding you back a little but I'd be quicker to point my finger at the GPU (ie. better mobo generally allow for better overclocks). If you're not hitting at least 1100 Mhz (which it sounds like you're not?) then I think you probably just have a card that probably just can't go beyond that...
  2. well in game(from msi afterburner in game tab) it says that im at 1241mhz and 3560mz on mem... not sure what it says in gpu-z
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