Hey Rubix and other WC Pros

I'm hitting the 1 year mark and I'm preparing to tear down the system, make some little mods, and get it up and running again.

Anyway, the cpu block is the EK-Supreme HF water block. The question is, I bought a bunch of flow plates that came alone in a baggy. If I were to lay these out and take a snapshot, would it be pretty simple to figure out which is for best flow or best temp, etc?
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  1. If I remember correctly you want plate 6 but I guess it depends on what version you have since they never number there blocks,so who knows- but yeah post pictures and we can do our best to help you.
  2. Best flow would be the simplest patterned of the blocks, best temps would be the one with most surface area but throw those piccies up and lets have a gander :)
  3. Hah, they took me all morning to find. I hadn't looked at them in about six months. It "seems" obvious, but I'd still be guessing between the 4 of them lol :D

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    One and four will give you the best flow, but one will give better performance than four due to the turbulence induced by the many small apertures, as opposed to one large one
    The other two should be used as Tsuba for katana :-)
  5. Motopsychojdn said:
    ...The other two should be used as Tsuba for katana :-)

    over my head... thanks for the assist!
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  7. Hey, sorry that I got to this thread late- pretty busy today and didn't make it. Looks like Moto has it covered.
  8. clonazepam said:
    over my head... thanks for the assist!

    Sorry man, Tsuba is the Japanese name for the handguard part on a sword,
    I was jokingly saying that I wouldn't use them for the block if you have the other two better options available
    Sorry for any confusion caused
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