Radeon 4670 vs geforce 9800gt Help

So just to start off i know the 9800 is better but is it worth the extra 50buks and do i really need it if i want to just play:
Need for speed shift
Red Alert 3
Counter Strike Source

Maybe bad company 2

Im looking to see if i really need to get the 9800 or is the 4670 enough fast reply please need this in 20min

ohh btw i can only get the 9800 in two weeks so thats something to think about !
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  1. Hi
    Those cards are pretty old now.Which card to buy depends on your monitors native resolution, your budget and your PSU.
  2. budget, power supply and resolution/monitor size please!

    Also list your CPU
  3. yup, no need buy an old tech like 4670 or 9800gt.
    Same as the others, list your cpu, psu and monitor, please... :)
    Also how much do u want to spend...
  4. Well
    500W PSU
    CRT monitor 800x600
    CPU Phenom II X4 3.0 Ghz
  5. what is your current card?
    with only CRT, i don't think u need a higher card... :)

    (u have a great cpu there)
  6. You've gone a bit past the 20min deadline don't you think? ;)
  7. yeah lol i ended up getting the 4670 but i still the the option of returning it !

    untill now i had a 3300 integrated into the mobo

    CPU=yeah this used to be my old pc till i got an i7 so with a half good GPU and monitor this could be a nice PC

    so wtill whats the verdict keep the 4670 or upgrade for 50 to the 9800gt ?
  8. Stick with it for another couple of months if you can then see what's on offer, the 9800GT is just too old to be considered as an upgrade for a single card setup.
  9. Maybe get an new moniter, then upgrade the GPU?
  10. Go ahead for the 9800gt since I can typically max out any below a GTX285 on just a single CRT.
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