Dx 9 or Dx 10 games

Can Hd 5770-5750 play them also how do they appear because the Hd 5770-50 are Dx 11 cards
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    All DX11 cards are backwards compatible, so they can run DX 9 and 10 games perfectly fine.

    If your using a HD5770 for example and your playing a DX10 game, the game will run in DX10 mode with no DX11 stuff, It will be just like using a DX10 card.
  2. Yes those card will play DX9 and Dx10 games.
  3. All 5xxx series cards are backwards compatible wtih DX9 and DX10.

    Those cards should basically render things the same way as HD 4xxx cards for DX9 / DX10.
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