Hp pavilion entertainment pc wont start

the hp blue "invent" screen just freezes none of the option keys work f! esc F11 F12 Etc..
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  1. Disconnect power, open up case, remove cmos battery for a minute.

    Reconnect, into bios and set defaults, will probably give you a F1/F2 message to do this.
  2. This is a common problem with HP Pavilion Entertainment PC's. It is know as the "Black Screen of Death".
    It has a defective NVIDIA chip that causes the laptop to get stuck at the black screen. To fix this, you must
    repair the motherboard. I will guide you through it.

    1. Take the battery of the computer
    2. Unscrew the case of the motherboad (all the bottom).
    3. Take the CPU off (the X thing).The GPU is where the problem is.
    4. Take a large piece of cardboard. And outline the motherboad. We will be making a protective covering
    for when we apply the heat. This will allow us measure exactly where to let the heat in.
    5. Measure the size of the GPU and draw it on the cardboard where it is on the motherboard.
    6. Cut the square out of the cardboard
    7. Cover the cardboard in tinfoil.
    8. Make a small depression where the hole is.
    9. Cut it out (make a x then fold everything back)This will make up the heat shield for when we actually burn
    the motherboard. Make sure you fold the tinfoil down not in.
    10. Line up the GPU where you made the outline on the cardboard. The hole should be line up PERFECTLY.
    11. Flip it over slowly and easily. Your not gonna move it when you get your light.
    12. You should have your cardboard lined up with the motherboard. You should see a black square. That is the
    video proccessor is.
    13. Take a 150 or 200 wat bulb and turn it directly above the video proccessor to fry the bottom of the motherboard.
    Trust me, it will be fine.
    14. Leave it on for about two minutes
    15. When your done frying the motherboard, turn it over and use a towel to compress the chip down into the motherboard
    for about one minute. When the motherboard overheated, it detached the GPU. So your gonna press it back in.
    16. Use a thermal conductant compound,I used a silver based. Just a tiny drop on the video proccessor. And take a business card and spread it
    into a small layer.
    17. Take a penny and put it on the video proccessor. It will help conduct heat. The penny will make sure the problem won't happen again.
    18. Put the thermal conductant compound on the heat sync area where your going to attach back to the video proccessor and where your going
    to attach the GPU.
    19. Put it right back in place. And put it in the computer the way you took it out and screw it back on.
    20. Wait about a day or so and test it.

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