Motherboard problem

Hi all,

I seem to have a problem with my motherboard (Asus Striker ii Formula). I can't seem to get it to work (no display), i'm pretty sure its the motherboard because I used a different board (ECS P35) with all the same hardware and it runs fine.

When I turn the computer on everything lights up as it should except for the GPU (fan not turning) then the GPU fan turns on only after a few seconds but still no display on the screen.

if it helps here are the specs
Q6600 G0
Asus Striker ii formula
Transcend 2GB 800 x2
GTX 260 216
TT Toughpower XT 775W

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  1. It sounds like the Motherboard is your problem. Did you rebuild the PC with the dead board after you tested with the other board? If it was still dead after this it is likely the board.

    A thing to try is to put the graphics card in a different slot. Also run one RAM stick and try it in different slots.

    Hows your warranty on the board?

    Good Luck!
  2. Yes tested with a different board and ran properly. Tried the RAM trick on every combination on the RAM slots but still no fire. Havent tried the putting on the card on a different slot, will try that next.

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