Doubt with a psu for gtx 260

Hellow, i have a Cooler Master igreen rs600 600w and it has 3rails of continuity 16A,14A,8A and peek 19.5A,19.5A,19A and i bought a zotac gtx 260 but i dont have it yet, i would like to know if the gtx 260 Will run with that psu?
my computer is:
Intel q6600
2x2gb RAM ddr2 800
bfg 8800gt (died)
cooler máster igreen power 600w
gigabyte p35 ds3l rev 2.00

thanks and regards
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  1. 38amps combined 12v is more than enough for the 260 GTX. The 260 will use 15a leaving plenty for the rest of the system and room to spare to stay in a good efficiency range. PSUs are most efficient around 50% capacity, so with the rest of your system using less than 10a, you'll be doing very well.
  2. PSU should support the GTX260. However, I cannot find full specifications on the PSU. However, I will bet that that total 12 volt current is not 38 amps. The nominal rail breakdown does not make any sense at all.
  3. more than enough.

    im running a 520 watt PSU with a 144watt gpu, OC'ed cpu, multiple hard drives.... etc...

    overall a pretty high power drawing rig, and im habing no power issues at all.

    good choice with cooler master.
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