Side fans on Apex Vortex 3620: In our Out?

My new system is built in an Apex Vortex 3620 with a front intake 120mm, a side exhaust 120mm, and the liquid cooling radiator blowing attached the the rear 120mm exhaust fan. I'm trying to decide whether to make the two side fans intakes or exhausts, and if I should do anything else coolingwise. I am considering, in order of importance:

1: Current side exhaust to intake
2: Second side intake
3: Rear slot exhaust
4: Second front intake
5: Second, "pushing" fan on other side of the radiator.

I'm not planning on doing all 5 in one step, but as I begin to overclock I know I will need some more cooling capacity and am looking to get my priorities straight for this project.
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  1. The answer to your question is case fans on the side panel are normally intake fans. They blow fresh air into the case.
  2. If the rear fan is cooling the rad and blocking the exhaust of other heat within the case, so I would use the side as an exhaust.
  3. i have never experienced the awesomeness of having a radiator in my pc :o , but afaik there is no real benefit of having a 2nd fan on the rad... dont bother with the pci slot fan unless you place it right underneath a hot-running, oced graphics card.
  4. PCI fans are usually exhaust, as are GPU fans. So they would be fighting each other.
  5. good point. i guess its only for passively cooled graphics cards
  6. I have fourteen fans in my build, as listed
    Psu ofc, exhaust
    4x80mm in roof in a square, all intake
    2x80mm at front bottom both intake
    1x80mm pci slotfan exhaust
    2x50mm Ram cooler,no effect on intake/exh just blows over the sticks
    1x50mm onboard gfx, as above just blows on gpu
    1x120mm in 'normal' rear exhaust spot
    1x120mm in side panel, intake
    stock cpu fan 75mm? blows onto cpu obv
    80mm fan mounted on a template over the cpu fan, additional air over cpu,
    Its not that loud and my temps are nice and low
    Looking at your set up, I'd change the side 120mm to an intake, reckon that door would take three 120's tbh :P and how big is your Rad? Im seeing a pair of 120's mounted inside the Roof blowing out,and the rad sitting over them on the outside :)
  7. Typaclly you would use them as exhaust.
    I have the same case, with a Pair of EVGA 460 GTX EE (External Exhaust) & Corsair H50 CPU Cooler.
    Becase the 460 Exhaust out the Back, I have a pair of 120 x 25 @ 72CFM running as Intakes. This is to help introduce as much fresh air to the GPU's as possible. If you have regular GPU's (I.E., Pulling air in from the back of the PC) them use them as exhaust.

    Hard to find alot of people using this case. I love it.

    Happy Gaming.
  8. i have a second PC set up in that case and side fans are pointless, they disrupt airflow and some of these "theories"..."fresh air" :sarcastic:
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