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I am in need of some guidance regarding how to manipulate RAM timings, I'm very inexperienced with overclocking and I'm having some trouble with stabilizing my CPU overclock. I believe the problem is in my ram. I've been able to push my phenom up to 3.6 ghz from 3.2 ghz and was able to stabilize it at around 50c load with only adjusting the HT reference speed (Up to 225). With that stable I thought I would be okay with pushing it further, but I not certain how to handle my RAM timings...

I'm using a pair of 2GB PNY Optima cards on a Biostar A880G+ with a 600w PSU and x64 win7

The stock timings are 9-9-9-24-33 at 1333 mhz, what I need help with is adjusting the timings to allow the HT to be pushed up to around 235. Any and all adjustments I've tried wont boot, I'm very much in the dark. What I need is some help understanding how to underclock my ram because I believe I'm pushing it too hard. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you in advance...
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  1. go bios .. DRAM timming configuration .. from value 1333 set to 1066
  2. Should I set the ratio at 1066 and leave the timings at auto or set them individually? I tried both and managed to get the system to boot at 230 HT but it isn't stable under load. Any suggestions as to how I should adjust my timings to stabilize my higher HT?
  3. 1066 auto timming or lossen 8-9-9-23 -1T also raise vdim from 1.5 to 1.55v, disabled CnQ, disabled Spread Spectrum .. Set CPU voltage to manual at 1.4 - 1.42v , keep NB at 2000 - 2200 , that need drop htlink to 1600 - 1400. test load max 60C don't over
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