XP wont boot in safe mode..will boot in normal mode

Hello, Hi guys. I bought this PC as a refirb and have never been able to boot up in safe mode.
I can enter safe mode and select what type of boot, it will then go through the B/W window rolling screen for a few secs then go back to the safe mode select screen ..
I now have a bug in it and need to get into safe mode..
When I do a AGV , Kaspersky, etc full scan the PC does a full shut down then reboots..
The error code that comes up as it reboots after shuting down is
\sysdat. that is noe of the codes...

OS is XP pro SP3,
Im not too PC savy but help is a long way..
Thanks JIM
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  1. Sounds like some bad RAM. You can try using one RAM chip at a time.

    If you think it may be virus related, you can create an AVG rescue boot disc, to scan the hard drive.
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