Installed Crucial M4 SSD int MSI GT780 - Space Inside Laptop Question


I recently purchased a Crucial M4 SSD for my MSI Laptop. Unfortunately, the screws do not line up on the bracket that originally held the previously installed 2.5" HDD. Is there something I can add into the laptop to secure the SSD? I did not purchase the laptop install kit unfortunately, and I don't think I can return this.

Thank you!
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  1. That's odd that they do no line up. Is there any way that only two will line up? This should be enough to hold it as it will not move around once plugged in.
  2. No screws are in at all. It's literally being held in by the sata cable (snugly) although not as tight as I would like it.
  3. That is odd. I looked at several pictures of various Crucial M4 drives and a few brands of hard drives and the screw holes aligned perfectly.

    I guess your laptop maker chose a custom solution for some reason. You mentioned a laptop install kit, but somehow I do not see that solving this problem unless it was made for that specific laptop. In other words, it may fit the drive, but then not attach to the laptop properly.

    I really do not know what to say on this one. hopefully someone will chime in with an idea.
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