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My Friend gave me his xigmatek dark knight but it blocks 2 of my memory slots does anyone know of any brackets that i can use so i can use this heatsink ive looked at alot of places but cant find them anywhere. I was also looking to get the Scythe Katana 3 if i couldnt get the Xigmatek one to work but wasnt sure if that was also blocking any of the ram slots.

i have a Antec 300 case and IGABYTE GA-MA770T-UD3P MOBO
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    What RAM do you have? post the link of the RAM to know the specifications and size.
  2. Yeah, if your RAM is short enough, there might be enough clearance to install the RAM sticks before the heatsink. Also, it looks as if Xigmatek made an adapter (link) to mount the cooler vertically, it's just a matter of finding where to buy it.
  3. Is this your cooler?
  4. yup
  5. I suppose that you mean "yes", so, Do you try install the cooler in both forms?, because like I see the RAM have the standard size and the cooler is very similar to my Hyper 212+ and I had not problems with the installation.
  6. im using all my ram slots and the way it installs it blows the air vertial, ive been looking to get brackets so i can change it to blow the air through the back but find them anywhere
  7. will it not fit at all or do you need to install the RAM before installing the heatsink?
  8. wont fit at all
  9. If the memory still doesn't fit, then you definitely need to mount it vertically somehow. Since the item in the link I posted earlier is hard to find (I only found on Australian websites), it's not really an option. From searching around, these two have been mentioned to be working for similar Xigmatek coolers:

    Prolimatech AM2/AM2+/AM3 Megahalem Retention Kit

    Thermalright AM2/AM2+/AM3 Bolt-thru Kit Rev.2

    Maybe someone else can chime in and confirm...
  10. ya i had called xigma about the bracket that they had but its not out in the states yet said its supposed to be out in the next month
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