The Corsair H80i..? Will it fit?

hey guys, ive been thinking about getting a closed look water cooler as a replacement for my hyper 212 evo, which cant keep up with my phenom x6. I am considering to buy a H80i but im not sure if it will fit into my case, ive got a ''Thermaltake Commander Ms-i''. Any information or proof would really be appreciated :D
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  1. Yep the H80i will fit perfectly fine, just mount it to a 120mm fan slot and it will work. In addition have you considered other alternatives such as high end air cooling like the DH-14? Anyways I am not sure of the improvements of the H80i but I believe the hyper 212 is only beaten by a few degrees when it comes to the H80 (the older one).

    Here is proof from other threads:

    Edit: Alternative to DH-14 and cheaper than H80i
  2. No thanks, haha. Im trying to get my case a bit neiter and that you can see my ram, ect. And for my upcoming crossfire setup. Thank you very much for the help mate :)
  3. Okay glad I was able to help, send a PM if you have any other questions

    - Socialfox :)
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