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anybody can help me how to get an ip address from the wireless router. my laptop can detect the wireless from my neighbour and it is connected. but the problem is it still want me to key in the ip adress. the wireless connection status show me that bite sent and recieve is zero.
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    I think maybe you mean wireless security password ?

    Are we here talking about your broadband or your neighbour's?

    If that's the reason you can't connect, it's how wireless security works -- so you or your neighbour don't have to unintentionally share broadband with interlopers!

    If it's your own wireless broadband (or have your neighbour's permission to use his broadband) you'll need to access the router's setup screens. See literature which came with router or download router manual for how.

    Review the router's wireless security password and apply it to your wireless adapter's user setup.
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