Download the best free antivirus for sony vaio

i want to download the safest and best antivirus for my sony viao for free
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  1. Avast! Free Antivirus

    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

    Also turn off windows firewall, unles u have something else and get Comodo firewall available in x32 and x64bit flavor.
  2. Avast! has a small footprint on cpu and memory, and it just works.
  3. All good suggestions !
    Iuse a combo of Microsoft Security Essentials and Avast. Boot takes a little longer,but I think is it worth the extra 10 second wait.
    I have been attacked from pictures posted in the forum sections. Sometimes MSE detects it first and sometimes Avast detects it first.
    I then do a full scan with the free malwarebytes before rebooting.

    Maybe I'm a little paranoid, but I like to keep my computers and personal info safe.
    I am also behind a modem and router with firewalls in each and I still run windows firewall.
    O K so I am a little more than paranoid, but fairly safe form most spyware add aware highjacks.

    Typos with help from my cat. Magic
  4. It is never good to install and run 2 antivirus programs at the same time!
  5. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    It is never good to install and run 2 antivirus programs at the same time!

    Care to elaborate a little.
    Not for sake of arguement , but for information.
    Does it harm anything but performance?
    My wife has several websites and 2 retail stores. She is always searching for wholesalers and distributors of fashion clothing.
    A lot of the websites have malware on them the last two were java/ wranglerimtom .A and java/cve-2010-0840. MSE gets some ,Avast gets some. I also run SpyBot search and destroy. Installed without Tea Timer for the Immunization. (blocks redirects with a Hosts file so known bad websites do not load).
    If this is harmfull in any way besides performance pleasy advise a better solution.
  6. Yes , they can conflict and cause false positives!
  7. Very true ^
    More Than One Antivirus: Good or Bad?

    The simple answer is, “No, it’s not okay to run more than one antivirus program at the same time.”

    It makes sense that we, as computer users, assume that if we have more than one antivirus program on our computers, we will be better protected from outside threats. We all think that if one of them doesn’t catch something, the other surely will. Well, this just isn’t true. Using more than one program (or even multiple versions of the same one) will likely cause you some problems. Here are a couple of the biggest ones spelled out for you.

    You will use up too many resources on your computer. Doing this will more than likely slow your system down and it will truly affect your computer’s performance.

    You could receive false virus alerts. Antivirus programs work by using an actual virus to detect another one on your computer. So, if you have more than one piece of software running at the same time, each program will think the other is a virus. The two programs will conflict in many ways, but this is one of the majors.
  8. I like AVG free, been using it for years. I never install the toolbar though.
    I agree with nikorr Miltiple Virus Scan programs are going to be more of a hassle than a help.
  9. yeah i have to agree 2 antivirus programs is a bad idea in the worst case it can even cause bsod

    if you are using firefox or opera there are plugins available to block malicious stuff or even to block simple trackers etc

    i am using this

    and on this page its picking up 12 items--not necessarily malicious but they are tracking cookies etc like adsense,doubleclick,revenue science etc
  10. i also agree with Nikkor because having 2 antivirus and run that at the same time.... O MY GOD!! will be a bigger problem to us because running 2 antivirus at the same time is not recommended. it will crush your computer and your computer might run slow and slow and slow... but im dont want any arguements. but its up to you, if you have a bigger ram or memory that will prevent your computer from slowing down then you can run 2 A/V at the same time but if you have low ram or memory then you might having a problem if you run 2 A/V at the same time.
  11. nikorr said:

    Definitely, but it still offers decent virus protection
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