Explain the pins of CPU core 2

i whant know obaut cpu pins
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  1. Are the Core 2 Duo pins is what you looking for? If yes, than look here: http://download.intel.com/design/processor/datashts/318732.pdf (from page 43).
  2. Nice spelling...

    Your question is rather vague. Here is a thread discussing some thing similar.


    Just follow the link which was posted.

    [EDIT] What is posted above is the same as the link on the thread I posted. You should really figure out how to search as thats all I did.
  3. Please elaborate your question
  4. rasvl_k said:
    i whant know obaut cpu pins

    Well from what i can understand......

    You wantted to know about cpu pins? Well, on the core 2 duo there none on the cpu itself.

    The pins are on the LGA 775 socket.

    Now if you asking what each pin does, well that you'll have to find your self. As there way to many pins to know which just give power, I/O, for most of us to answer in a reasonable time frame.
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