Please help

guys how much ram should i get for my core i7 860 setup.

4gb or more ?

i am using windows xp sp3.

and please tell me if msi p55 gd-65 good pick.?

please suggest a ram brand too

will cm 600 psu be enuf for this
setup plus 8800gts 320 mb?
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  1. We need to know what you're doing with it. If it's just gaming, 4 GB is enough. If you're encoding or using memory instensive programs, you might need more.

    If you haven't bought all the parts yet, you might want to follow the guidelines from the link my signature. We can probably drastically improve the build with some more info.

    The board is a decent choice.

    G.Skill is the best and cheapest RAM right now. I suggest these Ripjaws.

    600W would be enough, but Coolermaster isn't a good choice for a quality PSU. Stick to Corsair, Antec Earthwatts, OCZ, Silverstond, SeaSonic, FSP or PC Power & Cooling to ensure a quality part.
  2. its a gaming workstation hybrid . its my old system only. the power supply failed recently , since it was in warranty i got a replace ment. the guy came back and found that the 8800gts has a prob . ( the system switched of as soon the smps was connected to gpu .

    he took the mobo, gpu psu, ram and cpu wth him to the service labs.

    but a theft took place or god knows what he misplaced the mobo, wthe cpu and ram on it.

    so its a forced upgrade now.

    thats why iam only upgrading the mobo,cpu and ram.

    how much is windows 7 64 bit lineups pricing like?

    ill stick to xp for now and update around q2 .

    ill need 64 bitfor 4gb + ram right?

    and iam not sure if gskill will be avbl here , cud u give another option .

    by the way how is hyundai ram? crap or ok?

    as far gaming is concerned, i play more mmorpg than pc games . but i do play top notch titles wch become popular.

    and ill definitely try crysis warhead on my system.

    in the end is it really necessary to upgrade the psu , shud i get corsair hx 620 ?
    i think ill wait till i buy a new lcd .

    i am not yet readt to kick my crt yet.

    how is asus designo 23.5 inch IYO?

    i run 3ds max ,maya ,zbrush, photoshop,flash , toonboom , painter essentials.

    thank you for ur inputs .

    hoping for a prompt reply
    your sincerely
  3. mad admiral sir ,

    gskill isnt available here so i am going for corsair ram .

    please reply to the previous post soon.

    thaks in advance,
  4. Corsair RAM will work fine, it's just usually overpriced.

    You are right, you will need a 64-bit OS to use 4GB+ of RAM. In fact, a 32-bit OS can't even fully use 4GB.
  5. Windows 7 is about $100 for the OEM version right. I doubt it'll change. That's actually cheaper than the upgrade versions.

    If you want to play newer games, you will need at least the HD 5770 ($150) for resolutions up to 1600x and at least the HD 5850 ($300) for resolutions above 1900x. To max out Crysis on 1900x resolutions, you need at least the HD 5870 ($400).

    It is not necessary to upgrade the PSU. I'd recommend it if you want to Crossfire.

    I'm not an expert on the best monitors, but all Asus ones are pretty good.

    Since you're running high GPU use programs, I highly recommend thinking about getting a new card. I would want to get at least the HD 5850.
  6. thanks for such fast replies ,

    i know home basic is a sub $ 100 version.
    but i think ill get professinal.

    and as i mentioned earlier, this a forced upgrade. so ill leave my 1156 setup a single gpu for future quad cores in lynfield.

    and ill later buy a gulf town setup whn there are enough reviews and verdicts about them.
    i think ill give my gulf town setup a ati 5 series card.

    as of now if you feel that my 8800 gts 320 mb along wth lynfield cant play crysis warhead and better games on 1024 x 768 , thn tell me.

    i know that gpu and monitor matching is crucial so whn i buy a lcd ill chk if my 8800 supports 19 inch only or higher too.

    if it cant support 22 inchers higher ill get a new card.

    is windows 7 64 bit pricing different if yes please tell me where to chk.

    thanks again please respond soon
  7. 64-bit Windows is generally priced exactly the same as 32-bit.
  8. thanks again.

    is it true that the i7 860 will be bottlenecked by less ram . i mean do i really need 4 gb IYO or will 2 gb be enuf?

    and could u tell me current corsair ddr3 prices. and how many classes do the ddr3 have in that brand. i.e xms, dominator and such.
  9. Not having enough RAM won't "bottleneck" the CPU, it will just contribute to an overall slower computer. Any new computer should use 4GB of RAM. You will not be happy with the performance with 2GB of RAM.
  10. aah thanks for clearing the myth.

    cud u clarify which corsair model too pick too?
  11. I would just get some XMS3 RAM with the fastest speed and tightest timings that fits into your budget. The Dominator series is usually very overpriced. You get better bang for the buck with XMS3.
  12. thank you shortstuff sir ,
    could u please explain me what is latency timing ,ant what latency timing is the best for XMS3 1333 MHZ.

    i believe 1333 mhz will be enuf for now ,please tell me if u recommend otherwise.
    whats highest clock frequency the p55 chipset support?

    thanks in advance
  13. Latency should never be more than 7. The highest speed the P55 supports depend on the board. All of them default to 1333 mhz until you start overclocking. Typically, you don't need more than 1600 mhz sticks.
  14. thanks for the reply.

    well, my dealer cant find msi p55 gd 65 , he says it ainy available and is taking too long to get the components.
    anyone can suggest an alternative for the mobo in the same price range.
    i dont want the intel original mobo .

    in case p55 availability becomes a problem ,i think ill go with the core i7 930.
    please tell me ram and mobo for that too.

    thanks in advance
  15. answers please :(
  16. has your dealer got team extreme ram? they priced at g,skill levels and perform great

    alternatives to the msi board are

    asus p55 pro
    gigabyte p55 ud4
  17. thnx obsidian

    now i want to know whats the current value of core2duo E6300 1.86 ghz ,MSI p965 neo-f,corsair value select 667 2gb ddr2.

    please ,this is urgent ,respond asap.

    thanking you in advance
  18. guys i need to know whats the current equivalent processor to e6300.
    or wch one shud i choose as its replacement.

    is E7500 better or worse performer?

    please reply
  19. currently the old e6300 is under the current e3200

    the new e6xxx and e7xxx and higher e8xxx series greatly outperform the old e6300
  20. which one shud i go for then?
  21. the best value i'd say is the e7400
  22. thanx alot obsidian.

    whats the clock speed of e7400 and e7500.

    and how much % performance increse will both of them give over e6300.?

    and wchone of the two is better for 3d rendering,encoding and gaming?

    thanks in advance
  23. err any answers?
  24. pls gve me list of whole current core 2 duo lineup.
    and a lil reoomendations too.

    hope this time someone will respond.
    thnx in advance
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