Hard drive partitions missing

I had 3 partitions on my laptop HDD of 250 GB.
C = 35 GB, D = 100 GB, E = 98 GB
yesterday i found D drive missing from my computer, only showing C & E
now today i found my E drive also missing and in My computer only C drive is visible, there are no traces of other two drives.
what is the reason of this & how it can be recovered.
I tried EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard & it showed my other drives but they were marked '*' and not named D or E drives.
please help me.
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  1. Do they show up in disk management? Right click my computer, manage/ Storage/disk management.
  2. in disk management on top block only 2 are being shown, C drive & system reserved
    in disk 0 section it is showing all four partions, the above two plus space of missing partitions
  3. They are both there and have lost their allocation that is drive letters! Assign them again.
  4. how to do that?
  5. an error is coming when assigning drive letters
    see the link
  6. Looks like you have a corrupt windows installation or a failing drive. Try doing repair install of windows.
  7. Everything repaired.
    Firstly I backed up & recovered all data from missing partitions with the help of Easeus recovery wizard. then ran windows setup. I setup it showed only C drive, then i formatted it & deleted the partition. Total HDD size was only 35 GB. Then restarted windows setup, then it showed one missing partition (D). Then I formatted this partition and deleted it, So unallocated size became 135 GB. Then I again repeated the above step & finally E drive also came. then formatted it deleted it, to till then I got the full storage of my 250 GB HDD, After that I partitioned again , installed windows. Now its working fine.
    But till now I couldn't find the reason behind all the mis-happening.
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