Computer freezing

My computer freezes and then after like 10 seconds I can move the mouse and applications open close etc. but 10 seconds later it does it again. I updated my drivers but still have this problem.

Computer specs
Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
680 power supply
8800 gts 640 mb gpu
q6600 intel quad core
8 gb ram
gigabyte ep45-ud3p
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  1. I'm guessing the RAM is bad. Download MemTest86+ from, burn the ISO image to a CD, then boot from the disc. Let it run overnight to full test the memory.
  2. This could be any number of things. If the overnight Memtest86+ run comes back with no errors then I would next focus on either an overheating problem, faulty hard drive, or a dying power supply. What exact RAM do you have? Have you manually set the RAM speed/timings/voltage to their rated specs in the BIOS? That's very important, especially when running four sticks of RAM.

    What are your idle/load CPU temps?

    What HD do you have? Your manufacturer should have a drive utility that checks for faulty sectors.

    What exact PSU do you have? I'm not aware of any quality units that have a 680W PSU. A POS PSU will cause all sorts of stability issues.
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