I seem to keep lagging my friends game, Need help.

Hi, right now I'm living with three guys, all of which are gamers. Right now we have a connection with a 12 Megabit download speed with a 2 megabit or so upspeed. If I try and download anything or watch a video when he plays Heroes of Newerth it will lag his game. Even if I limit my bandwith so I am only using 1-2 Megabits of the connection he still lags. I am using a wirless connection while he is plugged straight ino the router. Because of this there have been some problems, and I am just wondering why I seem to always lag his game. Is my computer somehow "clogging" the connection regardless of how much of the bandwith I use? Thanks in advance for the help and thank you for your time.
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  1. Try to look in the router for anything talking about quality of service. Either try to give him more priority or you less.
  2. I looked and can find is a place to turn it on or off. More specifically it says this: 802.11e/WMM QoS> and then gives me the option to turn it in or off. Right now it is set to being on. I can't find a spot to change the level of the QoS for each computer or IP or whatever. I am using the Belkin N Wirless router. The Belkin site is no help and neither is the manual. Thanks you for the help though, it is much appreciated.
  3. Unfortunately, that particular mode is only quality of service settings specifically for wifi (meaning when there's more than one wifi device) I found it annoying myself that that's all it had (I'm using that one too if it's the same one I'm thinking of)

    You could try plugging your laptop into an Ethernet plug and see if it happens while connected that way.
  4. Thanks for the help. I think I'll just either try getting a new router or telling him to get his own internet. As for plugging it in that would be a bit hard because it is my desktop that I am on not my laptop. I might try getting a long cord though.
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