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In order to get the most of pci-e lanes in 2.0 which board should I chose, no matter if i'm using ATI or not?
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  1. We need to know the CPU and the budget.

    If it's an AM3 CPU or LGA1156 CPU, you're going to be getting 8x/8x PCIe 2.0 lanes. If it's a LGA1366 CPU, you'll be getting 16x/16x lanes. The difference only amounts to 4% performance loss in Crossfire. Check out this article for details.
  2. Thats a wierd objective. For most purposes that is not a major consideration. What is your reason for the number of lanes being so important?
  3. Are we talking the greatest number of lanes or the greatest performance from the lanes? I read it as what speed of lanes to pick, while dnd appears to have read it as the number...
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