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Install ATI 5850 and NVIDIA 8800 GT on same computer


I recently bought an ATI 5850 for Direct X 11 future games and so. I also have my old 8800 GT which I understand I could also install on my system that runs Windows 7 and use it to play the Physx features from some games by linking it with the ATI.

I tried last night to installed them on my Asus Maximus Formula Mobo but when boot with boot cards installed, I lose my image, even from POST which leads me to think of on a conflict or else.

Any ideas of the proper steps to follow to install these two graphics cards or, if there are any restricitons I may have on my board to do so?

Thank you

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    I just resolved the booting image issue, there was a settin gin the NB that allows you to select between PCI/PEG so I swap it and now I am fine.
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