I need some suggestions for a good crosshair replacement board

My little bro has the first crosshair mobo and corsair ddr 667 with 8800gt oc anyway the board is going bad and he is for the moment low on funds and looking for a cheeper board compareable to the crosshair four. by this i mean he has the antec twelve hundred and wants to be able to hook all fans to the board to be easily monitored any suggestions it is known and planned to head up to 4gb ripjaw 1600 ddr 3 or kingston 1600 with new board.

Full specs :

Antec 1200
amd athalon 64 6400+ 3.2ghz
2 gb corsair ddr2 667
2x liteon dvd rw
250 gb and 160 gb wetern dig hds both ide
nvidia 8800 gt alfa dog edition (i think)
antec 850 psu
creative labs x-fi gamer pci

on the original asus crosshair mobo
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  1. A good Crossfire MOBO I presume.
    GA-MA785GM-US2H ($80) - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128394
    CPU Support - http://www.gigabyte.us/support-downloads/cpu-support-popup.aspx?pid=3447

    However, the 8800gt is an nVida GPU {All old parts} - so you would need an SLI MOBO to use the 8800gt.

    And SLI + athalon 64 6400+ is coming up dry other than used MOBOs. It might be time to start from scratch new {CPU, MOBO & RAM} and if you're going to SLI perhaps a new 600W+ PSU.

    Good Luck!
  2. i should be more specific i am looking to have alot of onboard fan connections like the asus crosshair motherboard that was an sli board but sli in not needed the antec 1200
    is a full tower case and has alot of fans the board i want for him is the newer
    crosshair iv
    it has 6 or 7 fan plugs onboard aside from the cpu fan plug he is however looking for lots of fans on a cheeper board he is later looking into ati card(s) like 5670 or 5850 with some ripjaw 1600 ddr3 just later though. i appreciate the post jauiqth that isn't the direction we were looking though.
  3. the dvd drives power supply and case are all new bought in the last few months another reason for him being short on funds i should have said that though sorry.
  4. ^Okay, I understand - how can I help?
  5. i am not sure that what i am looking for exists what i want is a board that will still hold the 6400+ has alot of fan plugs and is cheap i am finding it difficult he may have to suck it up and get the crosshair 4 now will his chip be compatable with an am3 board being that i think its is only am2 maybe am2+
  6. It doesn't I only found one SLI MOBO for $168 on Amazon. I would strongly recommend a new CPU with a SLI or CF/Crossfire GPU configured MOBO. The problem is support for your old CPU is moreless phased out.
  7. got ya so he will need cpu mem and board then no good well he may go without for awhile thank you.
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