q6600 to i7 950

Hello all,

Looks like the upgrade to an i7 isn't as simple as it looks. People are gonna have to fork out £500+ just to get the i7 to work

A new motherboard & DDR3 memory is required which won't be cheap either.

Most 1366skt mobo's include 6 DDR3 slots for grouping your new RAM in 3's (triple channel instead of dual = more £££ again)

Check out the Asus P6X58D-E.

SATA 6Gbs & USB3 support. I'll be getting one of these for my new i7 rig I think. Only £150 and it overclocks well apparently.

That's an awesome price for a 1366 mobo with these extras.

This, some OCZ Platinum RAM and an i7 950 should be quite beasty.

But, like I said, expensive.
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  1. ^ Get the i7 950.
  2. Yeah, definitely. I'll wait till Christmas I think.

    Anybody got some CPU vs RAM overclock info. for an i7950 and 1600 DDR3?

    I'm hoping to get 7-7-7-20 latencies from my OCZ Platinum with a 4.4Ghz CPU (watercooled). :sol:

    I'll tell ya what though. I've had some insane overclocks with OCZ Platinum DDR2. OCZ are the best, hands down. :bounce:
  3. ^ you completely rewrote your entire post!?

    Merry Xmas!
  4. Yeah. I only just wrote it. Man it's quick to get a response on here. Thanks :lol:
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