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I recently bought a nvidia GTX 260 maxcore from my friend to replace 2 9600gt in sli..

my main reason for doing this was because i couldnt get both of my 9600s to work in sli while on windows 7 64bit

was this a good move? (im having a hard time finding someone comparing the 2 in sli to the 1 gtx260

is it a known issue for sli not to function correctly in win7 64bit? or am i doing somthing wrong?

also my friend was telling me i could put one of my 9600s in without the sli bridge and it can be used as a physics this true? will i see much benefit from doing this?
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    Its a good upgrade but you can use 2 9600GT's in SLI,windows 7 doesn't have problems with SLI.
    And yes you can put a GTX 260 and then use a 9600 as a PhysX card but few games benefit from it and also you will get a noticeable FPS drop with PhysX enabled.
  2. well i noticed after intstalling the win7 nvidia driver that theres no longer a option in the nvidia control pannel for enabling sli.. and when i checkout device manager one of the cards has a exclamation point on it..
  3. Did you try any other OS's ? also make sure you have the latest drivers installed
  4. it worked fine in vista 32bit before u upgraded to 7 64bit (there was a option in the control panel to enable it in vista 32)..i also downloaded the most current drivers right from nvidias site
  5. Try installing some older drivers too,sometimes it helps
  6. ill give it a try..would it work with a 9600 and the gtx260 in sli?
  7. You mean a GTX 260 and a 9600GT as a PhysX card,if so then yes
  8. ok but they need to be identical cards to put them in sli? id need another 260?
  9. In order to use SLI,the cards have to be identical(with very few exceptions)so you have to use either 2 9600GTs or 2 GTX 260s
  10. ok cool thanks for all your help!
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  12. No problem :)
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