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Hello All!

I need some expert advice on which graphic card to buy. It's that time again. My friend is building my a new rig. I will be using it for Maya (3d apps) as well as gaming. I need a card that will do both decently.

I have $300-400 dollars to spend on the card. So the question is do I get a mid-range workstation card like the ATI Firepro v5700 512 ($329)? or do get get a high-end gaming card like the EVGA GTX 285 1G ($389)?

I would prefer to get a high-end gaming card so I can play kick-axe games. But will it hold up in Maya? I understand that the workstation card is made for Maya, but will probably be average at games, as I am a little concerned about the low bandwidth 128. Has anyone used a high-end gaming card in Maya? How good is it?

What card would you recommend?

Thanks for the help!
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  1. I think a 5870 would work fine for both ends (maybe you can even crossfire it when you need more performance)
  2. What about the other specs? CPU? RAM? Monitor? PSU?
    A high end card is strong enough to run 3D applications...
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