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This may seem like a basic question, but I am having some trouble mounting my 360mm rads to my case with my fans. The fans and openings in my case are 120mm. I have room in front of my case for 3 360mm rads. Each fan, a Noiseblocker PL-2 fan, comes with mounting screws and washers. However, they will not fit properly into my Hardware Labs SR-1 360 rads. I am forced to use the screws that came with the rad to mount the fans to them. But, there are some problems with this. First, each SR-1 rad only comes with 3 sets of screws. To mount 3 fans to the rad that would work, but there are none left to mount the rad to my case from the other side. Second, the Noiseblockers PL-2 fans come with rubber screw anti-vibration plugs for each hole and a rubber piece that goes around the edge of the fan you place on the side that makes contact with the case/part. If I use those rubber pieces, the screws do not fit properly through them as they are designed for the size of the thinner screw that comes with the fan. The rad screws that comes with them will work fine without the rubber pieces in place. Will that hurt anything to leave off if I must? Third, I see no way to mount fans on both sides for push/pull plus mount them to my case, if I want to in the future (right now just one set of fans).

I would like some feedback from those that have mounted 3 fans to a 360 rad and then mounted the rad in the case. Do I need to buy more screws since it only has 3 sets? If so, what size and where can I find them? Any other advice or tips for mounting the fans and rad would be nice.

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  1. Hardware store will have some suitable screws
    The anti-vibration grommets, whilst nice aren't 100% essential so can be left out
    when you want to go pushpull then:
    Affix the inside set of fans to the rad,easily done then,
    line up the 'outside' bank by pushing the twelve screws through the front of the case from outside and feeding them into the fans on the inside of the panel, line all twelve up but don't push all the way through, just enough to see them poking out the fans
    offer your rad up to the panelside fans and fix one of the topscrews loosely, then the opposite one at the bottom to loosely support the rad
    one by one get each screw to bite until all twelve have purchase in the fans
    tighten the screws up until done,
    its a pita but theres nothing worse than having screwed ten screws in and then finding the last two aren't aligned properly hehe,
    If you look at my radbox you'll see how I mean though,

    The screws for the outermost banks of fans are fed through the mesh I have (Pretend its your casepanel) and hold the fans and rad to the mesh/panel,
    then the inside banks attach as normal with shorter screws
  2. LOL moto what are you cooling there your pump? lol <3
  3. Sigh, thats my external radbox that my Pc sits on,
    the flow comes from the main rig to one of those quick disconnectors, through both rads and then the pump throws it back to the main rig, or the chiller box when thats connected
    the pic there has it looped back on itself, I designed it that way for easy maintenance and bleeding, meaning I can still use my Pc if I'm flushing or otherwise working on the radbox
    you have seen my rig right?
  4. Just a quick note, frozencpu and performancpcs have 30mm and 35mm screws that will work just fine with the Black Ice SR-1 radiators, other fans, etc. Got some for the install and works great.
  5. Cool, glad you got sorted ok man,
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