This Monitor / Tv for my system ?

This looks like a great deal.

I get a tv and a monitor for that price ? Too good to be true ? Its has some good reviews and I trust costco. I am a former employee of 11 years. 90 day refund policy as well. Will it be a good performing monitor ? (thats what I will use it for most) This way I can also chuck my old k-world tv card as well. Right now I am on a 17 inch crt lol. Thanks.

BTW, I didnt see an option in the sub menu to select a monitor. I had to put something in the blank spot.
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  1. Recently bought the samsung P2770HD from Cosco ($400). Also Have the Samsung T240HD (from New egg) a 24 in Monitor/HDTV, 1920 x 1200.

    When looking for the larger monitor/TV, I ruled out the Hanns, enough poor pitures to my liking. Was considering the Samsung T260HD for alittle over $400. Made a mistake with the P2770. As a tv/blu-ray it is great, as a monitor it is poor (Max resolution is 1920x1080). Also pay attention to viewing angle. Even the samsungs are somewhat poor in viewing angle. Also pay attention to the Number/type of input connectors. ie P2770 only has one hdmi and one DVI and one component. I have two computers connected plus a Blu-ray player/with tuner. IF you hook a blu-ray player w/HD tuner - DON'T need the TV input.

    For a monitor 24 inch and bigger you want a 1920x1200.
    Remember, you get what you pay for - Sometimes you make out OK. Do not go by the quality of a "TV" or DVD displayed, You need to see what it looks like with a computer image (With Text).
  2. Thanks RetiredChief . Thats's some good food for thought. Since I really just need a good monitor I might pass on this deal. The resolution issue is one I hadnt thought of (and the viewing angle). I had a Viewsonic 22.5 lcd (monitor only) that I loved, but I had to sell it a year ago. It cost me the same as the hanns would now ($229).

    I really dont need anything larger than a 22" monitor. And I will be gaming. So refresh rate, native resolution, etc. will be important to me. I will be viewing head on, so view angle is not an issue.
  3. Hello. Can a mod please move my thread to the lcd monitor section ? Thanks my bad, I posted in the wrong place... :)
  4. This goes on sale tomorrow. Sorry for bumping my own post, just looking for more answers/advice. I am afraid this will sell out quickly, thus the feeling of urgency on my part ! Plus if it doesnt work out, my local costco is 7 miles away.
  5. Went with the hannspree. If I dont like it Costco will take it back no problem. Wish me luck !
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