Antec 900, no external 3.5" bays

I have Antec 900. It's great. However, it doesn't have external 3.5" bay, only internal.
I also have a memory reader , that is 3.5" internal reader from Rosewill.
How do I do this? Some kind of 3.5" to 5.25" mounting kit but then what about the face?

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  1. Pretty much you're sol other than putting it in the 5.25 bay. Maybe take one of the covers and cut out a hole and use it as a faceplate.
  2. Something like this would work.
  3. Yes maybe the floppy mount will work. Should have bought the 5.25" internal reader. I thought the big bay was 3.5" lol.
  4. 900's come with one 3 1/2" adapter plate/tray.
  5. All Antec 900 / 1200's come with the previously mentioned 5.25 - 3.5 fascia adapter.... if your case is new and didt come with one then contact Antec - they are usually pretty helpful :)
  6. That's very true. It should have come with the adapter.
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