Overclocking 3570K w/ Hyper 212 Plus

I've read some guides and gotten my 3570K with stock voltages up to 4.3 Ghz. Running Prime95 produces core temps of 60 degrees Celsius on 100% load. Is this good? Also how much further do you think I can overclock this chip? Do I just change vcore when adjusting or are there other settings to change and what would be the vcore max I should go with the Hyper 212 plus cooler?

Thanks in advance for the help.
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  1. Ya you get 4.2ghz at Stock Voltage without touching it!! idk bout 4.3ghz :/ maybe!!!
    & those Temps you're getting is Very Good!!! The Max on the Cpu is 105c dont wanna go over 90c!! Staying Under 90c wont Hurt your Chip!!

    I'm at 4.5ghz at 1.295v with Vcore Loadline on Turbo & its Complety Stable!! You can Go Higher just Depends on your Temps & stuff keep them under 90c

    You only Change the Cpu CLock Ratio or Turbo speed & Change the Cpu Vcore or use Offset mode!! Idk how to use that offset thing!! Hyper 212 Plus is alright Hyper Evo 212 is Better what I have
  2. The Max Voltage for CPu is 1.350v try to Stay Under that!!! It will be ok if you go over 1.3v but stay under 1.350v!

    Good Luck Bud
  3. What Freq. are you wanting to hit??
  4. Until I hit the thermal/voltage limit that is still is safe for longtime use. So basically is far as possible as long as it won't decrease the chip's lifetime.
  5. I wouldnt know bout that bud I'm New on this Overclocking on this Cpu I got mine at 4.5ghz at 1.295v with Vcore Loadline set to Turbo!!

    I heard you can go up to 1.350v on Air but going over you would need good cooling like water cooling!!! If you go over 95c I'm sure you will hurt your chip in a way that why stay under 90c!!
  6. What Freq. are you trying to get?? & what Spec is your system you never listed it on the OP
  7. MSI Z77 GD65 Mobo
    i5 3570k CPU
    2 x 4 GB of Corsair Vengeance 1600 cas 8 RAM
    64 GB Crucial M4 SSD
    1 TB Seagate 7200 RPM Hard Drive
    XFX Radeon HD 6870 (yeah I know its the weakpoint will upgrade soon) GPU
    Cooler Master Haf 912 Case
    Cooler Master 212 Plus CPU Cooler
    OCZ 700W PSU
    Windows 8 Pro OS

    I believe that is everything for the system.

    I'd like to overclock upwards of 5 Ghz if I can do it without reducing the life of the chip.
  8. Nice Build & I dont think you can hit 5ghz on Air Bud!! But you can hit 4.5ghz on air!!
    You would have to get Water Cooling & Idk if I saw anybody yet get over 4.8ghz that the far I saw so far on other people Pc

    Here a link Check it out 5ghz but not sure if you can hit that on Air!!! Also Saw someone get 4.8ghz at 1.360v that pretty good but every pc is different so gotta move into small steps when doing this!!

    I just got a
    So imma do some overclocking tonight try get 4.8ghz or over if Possible :)) I did stress testing for 4hrs on this heatsink & I'm at 4.4ghz at 1.280v only got high 67c temps lol
  10. With my chip, I'm thinking that 5 GHz should be fairly easy to achieve as it seems to be above average. I get an extra .1 Ghz than normal without changing voltages and my temps are only 60 degrees Celsius under 100% load.
  11. So you got it at 5ghz?? I wasnt able to go over 4.7ghz last night I'm stuck at 4.7ghz right now at voltage 1.360v!! have you done a Overclock yet?? & what Programs are you using for Testing the Cpu Stressing it??
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    Did you get your Answer?? if so hit best answer to close out thread!! thanks good luck
  13. Ivy Bridge throttles at 105 C. If you want to play conservative and be safe, I'd advise keeping it under 90 C
  14. 4.7 Ghz at 1.35 vcore 1.5 pll was my final stable overclock might try to increase though.
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