How do I create a restore image?

A) I need to... Create a restore image of my current Os (win7) and all its programs and files.

Save the image on my other drive.

B) Delete everything on My Raid 0 SSD array (where my os is installed)

C) Break the array

D) Run SSD toolbox on each drive. Update FirmWare/ optimize

E) Create array

F) Re install step A backup image.

Is this possible? how is step A called exactly?
Is there any recomendation on how to delete the info on a SSD I heard formating an SSD is bad.
regarding to step E... Do I need to be careful to set the SSD array exactly the way it was before?
Possible errors I might find along the way?

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  1. What you want to do is to clone the OS/Program drive. You can use Easeus Todo Backup, or Ghost 15, or True Image or others.

    Before you do anything, though, make a System Repair Disk -- just type that into the Start run box and click on the Wizard at the top of the list. That helps to fix any hiccups from changing disks in the SRP.

    Formatting an ssd is fine, defragmenting is not a good idea.
  2. Thanks :)
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    It's called a system image and you can find it in control panel/system and security/backup and restore and you have a choice to save it on any hdd that is attached to your computer or burn it to a cd/dvd disc or if you have a network drive connected to your network.
    Defragging a SSD is bad so automatic defragging should be turned off in Windows 7 but formatting is ok as long as you only do it occasionally but the real safe way to format a SSD is by secure erase. You do not have to worry about how you set the raid array unless you are doing something unusual but your backup is just data and as long as you don't change Windows versions , 32bit or 64bit you will be ok.
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