H80 way to much RPM. Can't change it.


I hope this is in the right section of the forum.

I've got myself a H80, and already got it replaced once. Cus it was making a " old harddrive noise". So, new one. Same story.

I've noticed (bios, speedfan, hwmonitor) that the pump has around 2150 RPM. After some google work I found out thats the problem. Its working at to much RPM. So I've wanted to slow it down a bit.

Got in my bios, changed the rpm to 75% (options I have 100%,75%,50%,25%). Nothing, still the same.

Speedfan, down to 40% (just to be surieus) .. same story.

CPU: i5 3570k
Motherboard: MSI z77a-g45
RAM: 4 x kingston hyper x ddr3 1600 2GB (8gb total)
64GB SSD for os (windows 8 prof 64bit)
500GB harddisk (data)

Anyone who can help me a hand? :D
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  1. That's not your problem, it's likely that you have a partial airlock.

    You don't want to slow the RPM on your pump; it might diminish the noise issue, but it also will cause other issues, like a rise in temperatures.

    Address the noise by tilting and rotating the radiator while the pump is running, this should help it dislodge air in the tubing or pump and send it to the radiator.
  2. Cheers for youre reply!

    So, unscrew the rad+fans from case. Power on PC and try rotating the rad with fans a bit?

    Also, my h80 rad is fitted that the tubes are under. Would it cause any harm having the tubes up. Like rotating the h80 160 degrees?
  3. You would want the tubes on the bottom so you wouldn't pull in additional air bubbles and air would rise to the top of the radiator.

    So, unscrew the rad+fans from case. Power on PC and try rotating the rad with fans a bit?

    This would be the best way, otherwise, you can power on your PC and tilt/rotate the entire box. You might also want to tap the pump and tubing to help dislodge the air.

    If you remount the radiator and still hear a loud noise, it's possible you have a poor pump.
  4. Cheers m8. I hope its not a poor pump.

    I'll give it a try tommorow after work. Ill post results here.
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